Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home on the Range

Spending this weekend putting the final touches on my new room. For my most recent revamp, I was inspired by the freeflowing, organic shapes of nature and how these shapes are interpreted in the graphic, geometric patterns of Native American textiles. I'll be posting pics of my real room soon, but if money wasn't a factor, this is what you'd be seeing. 

Delirium "Smoke and Suede" Candle from OAK: Oak always has the most amazing home stuff, and these candles by Delirium are no exception. These soy candles give you 60 hours of scents like "royal amber" or "sweet tobacco," which for some reason sounds so much more appealing to me than your typical "fresh baked apple pie" or "English garden."

Antlers: I have a couple antlers like this on my side table. I like how they create a sort of rustic centerpiece, while also providing a good stacking place for my rings and bracelets.

Cow Hide Rug: This is another piece that actually made it into my real room. I love how these rugs are so classic, but still lend a really modern feel to the whole space. 

Cedar Stump Table by John Ross Design: This piece was inspired by Andrea's room. She has these really great tree trunk side tables that I've always loved, and happen to fit in perfectly with the modern rustic theme I was going for. 

Geometric Terrarium by Assembly New York: These guys have been popping up everywhere recently, and with good reason. The geometric shape of this terrarium is really interesting, and perfectly compliments the desert vibe of the plants inside. Plus, succulents are always a great way to bring a bit of life into your room because they're easy to take care of and live way longer than your typical fresh cut flowers. 

Los Ojos Bedspread by Pendleton: While I love the signature bright colors of classic Pendleton, this blanket actually caught my eye because the simple black and white looked so graphic and unique. The slightly mystical feel of the evil eye motif really put this one over the top for me. 

"Bovine" Pillow by Archival Decor: Archival Decor makes the best throw pillows, featuring designs that highlight the simple beauty of nature, from a black stallion to a stack of antlers. My parents used to have one of these steer skulls on the wall in our living room, and this pillow might just be the next best thing.