Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tess' Midnight Obsessions

Rude Little Black Book by 27th St. Press: Don't we all need one of these? Perfect for jotting down notes, important appointments, and numbers and addresses of people we love/ would love to punch in the face. For $10, this is also the best gift ever.

Honey lip balm by Long Winter Farm: I have a sick honey and lip balm obsession, so naturally putting them both together is like a dream come true. If honey isn't really your thing (weirdo), Long Winter Farm makes tons of other delicious flavors too, like hot cocoa, vanilla mint, blueberry lemonade, and brown sugar.

"IV" by Chuck Klosterman: Chuck Klosterman is my favorite writer ever. Just a warning: you will laugh out loud, and people will look at you like you're crazy. Been there -- worth it.

"Burning Barbershop" by D.S. & Durga: I smelled this perfume at the In God We Trust store in New York a couple years ago and I STILL think about it all the time. For the most part, I'm not a big perfume fan, but D.S. and Durga's scents, handmade in small batches, are pretty irresistible. "Burning Barbershop" is one of their "masculine" scents, but whatever -- I'd much rather smell like smoke and spearmint than citrus and flowers anyway.

"My Floor" by Slang Chickens: Slang Chickens is one of the few new bands that I've really gotten into. Who knew mixing country, punk, and surf music could be so awesome?

Shimmer Stick by Folkspirit: Folkspirit makes all kinds of amazingly designed new age, herbal remedies and cosmetics. This is not, in fact, deodorant, but rather a natural healing salve that leaves you with a pearly, shimmery glow.

Space Nebula iPhone 4 case by Shawn Owen Button: I don't even have an iPhone (yet), but this case by one of my favorite designers makes me want one more than even the papertoss app does. 

Card Case by In God We Trust: Andrea got us both these matching card cases for our blog business cards, and I love how I can at least look profesh while whipping this bad boy out.

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