Tuesday, July 5, 2011

timeless sophistication

Last weekend we showed you a sneak peek of stylestalker's collage by Elizabeth Curruthers and...well we'll let them describe the new "YOUNG HOLLYWOOD" collection for you...

"This season we borrowed the elegance of classic Hollywood sirens, and maid it our own with a healthy dose of 90s grunge. Kathryn Hepburn meets Courtney Love. Sophia Loren meets childhood Drew Barrymore. The aim was to mess up timeless sophistication with rock'n'roll swagger." 

Photography: Kimberley Gordon
Model: Alex Spencer
Styling: Us (sue-ann+rach) and Christeric



  1. Love the blog but this shoot is a bummer & I'm surprised you posted it when this mass market looking dross is on every blog right now- stay different!
    If Style Stalker is still styling with Lita's isn't that a little passe or at least not progressive. The clothes look cheap and I'm sick of every LA/Aus brand using Alexandra Spencer...don't people care about being different and not copying everyone else?

  2. I absolutely love this campaign too! So gorgeous :)