Tuesday, May 3, 2011

can't get enough of voodoo

This weekend, I got schooled in the art of fashion blogging by my amazing friend Mckenzie of The Fitting. After scoring some awesome jewels at the Fairfax flea market, we wandered down Melrose and visited some friends at my favorite store The Wasteland, which still blows my mind after all these years with the incredible finds they get in on the daily. Onward into the Future jewelry? Rick Owens sweaters? Stylestalker??? I mean, wait, just kidding, don't go in there and buy them, because they will all be mine! 

I'm wearing a dress from The Reformation, vintage Frye boots, my favorite En Shalla purse, sunglasses from Squaresville, a Han Cholo arrow bangle, and my own skull necklace.



  1. ooooh that bag. & the dress! perfect, perfect, perfect!


  2. Tess! I love, love, love this outfit, and I had so much fun with you this day. Cannot wait to take more pics soon!

  3. Love the fringe on the dress - love all the fringe in general! Thanks for turning me onto The Fitting.

    xThe Pretty Secrets